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The Tea Menu




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$25.00 Per Person and includes china dish rentals


You get to select 5 types of sandwiches
Select 3 from Group A (standard sandwiches) and 2 from Group B (specialty sandwiches) for a total of 5 types.


Group A: Standard Tea Sandwiches (Select 3)

-Cucumber with fresh mint & herb cream cheese

-Creamy egg salad with celery

-Tuna salad with fresh dill

-Smoked salmon & capers with cream cheese on crispy toasts

-Heart shaped strawberry jam and cream cheese on white bread

-Classic deviled eggs with paprika

-Fairy Bread” Sandwiches – pink cream-cheese and rainbow sparkles

-Hummus and sliced roasted red pepper on vegan bread


Group B: Specialty Tea Sandwiches (Select 2)

-Granny smith apple with aged white cheddar on mini croissants

-Seafood salad (crab & shrimp) with sliced boiled egg on mini multi grain pita

-Curried chicken salad with grapes on cranberry/pumpkin seed bread

-Roast chicken, soft brie cheese, and cranberry jam on speciality bread

-Black-forest ham and white cheddar on brioche bread


All Catering Orders Include:

- Homemade scones with jam and clotted cream

- Black tea bags, herbal mint tea bags,  milk and sugar


**minimum catering order of 20 people.


 Want more?

Add a finger sandwich from “Group A” for $1.00 per person and serve as an appetizer! Most popular items for this are the Classic Deviled Eggs, Smoked Salmon with Capers, or Cucumber with Mint & Creamcheese.

Add Orzo Pasta Salad or Green Garden Salad for $1.25 per person.

Add Fruit Salad for $2.25 per person.